Welcome to the Unboxed Sessions. Producers and co-hosts, Achim Voermanek and Liana Lehua.

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Liana and Achim unbox the Presonus Audiobox USB and show you how you can use with your computer and your audio gear. 

With the new pink protective covers from Otterbox you can catch two birds with one stone: protect your iPhone and iPod nano and help the fight against breast cancer. All in this weeks episode of “Unboxed Sessions”

Do you miss Scott Bourne already?? Yes, he signed off some days ago but we have him here in this episode of “Unboxed Sessions” where he showcases his new Canon EOS 1D Mark III camera. This was obviously before he went over to the Nikon camp with his new D3.

We are back with another cool product to check out. It’s the Heil PR-40 microphone. Have fun!

Hosts Liana Lehua and Achim Voermanek found another cool item in their storage room. Check out what they found.

"Aloha" and "Willkommen". A Hawaiian greeting from Liana and a German from Achim. Here is another episode of Unboxed Sessions.

Hey, we are back with another round of “Unboxed Sessions”. Hosts Achim Voermanek and Liana Lehua found something new and cool in their big storage room.

Here is another cool gadget that Liana Lehua and Achim Voermanek are “unboxing” in this episode: the Audioengine W1 Wireless Adapter.

Liana and Achim check out the new Kana R-103 photo backpack. It allows you to carry your camera gear everywhere, protects it against the occasional bump or rain shower and also looks very cool.

Hosts Achim Voermanek and Liana Lehua are back and check out another product by Drobo. It’s called DroboShare and allows you to share your storage robot with other users in your network.